What is SmartFeud?

SmartFeud is a brand new game to play on your mobile device!
Almost everybody knows WordFeud. The Scrabble-like game you can play on your mobile phone or tablet. It was the biggest hit a few years ago.

This year we will introduce SmartFeud. The successor.

SmartFeud is just as easy to play, but comes with some great new features. When downloading SmartFeud in the Appstore or Google Play Store (try it, it’s free!) you’ll notice the board is a little bigger. It’s 16*16, so you’ll have more space to play.

But most importantly, there’s a brand new feature, and it’s fun. With SmartFeud you can not only form a word with the letters you’ve got, you can also pick a letter from the board. As long as all words on the board are in the dictionary you are free to pick any letter and use it.

Example: the first player plays the word “SMART”. You take the ‘M’ of the board, and replace it with a ‘T’, forming the word ‘MOUNTAIN’.

So there are two words on the board now: ‘START’ and ‘MOUNTAIN’. Both are new words and add to your score.  And now your opponent can take the ‘T’ from ‘START’, and use that. And so on.

When playing SmartFeud it’s not only about what letters you’ve got, it’s about trying to find the best letter to take from the board. Thus scoring as much points as possible. It’s fun. It’s easy to learn. And hard to master.

You can play SmartFeud against any friend you’d like, and even play a game with 3 or 4 players.