SmartFeud – now available for Apple and Android

SmartFeud is a brand new word game for Apple and Android.

We think it’s the best word game ever. And it is free!

With SmartFeud you play a traditional word game that looks like the traditional games you know online with two, three or even four players. But it comes with a twist. A twist that makes the game much more exciting.

Why you should download SmartFeud

  • You can take a letter of the board to use it for your own advantage. This makes SmartFeud so much more interesting
  • You can play with up to three opponents at a time
  • You can invite friends, chat with your opponent(s) and find out who’s the smartest
  • Thanks to a bigger board there’s more room to place your perfect word
  • You can play on a board with a standard lay-out or random lay-out
  • You can play in different languages
  • You can customize all settings, like maximum waiting time. Try to play a quick game with only three minutes each
  • You can play in professional-mode, where playing a non-existent word makes you lose your turn
  • It is completely FREE*

When playing SmartFeud the most remarkable difference is the possibility to take one tile from the board, and use it to your own advantage.

It’s easy. You are allowed to take any letter from the board, as long as at the end of your turn all words formed are in the dictionary. Just pick a letter from the board, and place it on the special place that is reserved for this purpose. Then use this letter to form a new word.

SmartFeud is the ultimate casual game. And of course you can chat with your opponents, invite your friends or play against a random opponent.

* The free version is fully functional but is ad-supported. If you want to get rid of the ads you can buy the professional-version, which also gives the possibility to play in professional-mode

Are you capable of beating your friends?

Try SmartFeud now on your mobile phone, tablet or any other Android or Apple device.