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Welcome to the SmartFeud universe – SmartFeud

Welcome to the SmartFeud universe

SmartFeud – coming to your Mobile Device in April 2018

It’s here: SmartFeud. You like word games? You’ll love SmartFeud!
SmartFeud takes the traditional Scrabble-like games to a whole different level. With new features, a better interface, a bigger board, 3- and 4- player options, and you can even play in professional mode!

All this is available free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. And for a small fee you can get it without ads.

SmartFeud: A small step for man, a giant leap for Word Games

If you played WordFeud or Words-with-friends for some time it might get a little boring. That’s what we thought. So, why not enhance the game? And that’s what we did.

With SmartFeud it is now possible to take a tile from the board, and use it to form your own new word. This opens up so much more options.

Yes, playing SmartFeud can be a lot harder because of the almost limitless possibilities. You really need to outsmart your opponent. Luck or cheating are no longer an important factor.

So if you’re up to a new challenge, try SmartFeud. We’re sure you’ll love it.*

*If not, it is possible to delete the game from your device, although we do not recommend this