Dubai based start-up releases brand new game

Dubai is well-known for it’s entrepreneurial spirit. The city thrives on a countless number of entrepreneurs. Not only in construction or the oil-industry, also in high-tech sectors like software-development there are leading innovators in Dubai.

A small game-studio, Cambrian Hub Technologies, just emerged in Silicon Oasis, at the heart of Dubai’s tech-industry and launched a brand new word game that will easily win your heart and train your brain.

SmartFeud, as the game is called, is free to download for Apple and Android devices, and is based on the traditional Scrabble game, but comes with some unique twists that make the game much more interesting.

SmartFeud is a social game you play against friends or random opponents. You can chat with your opponent, find friends through Facebook and play casually, since you’ve got 48 hours to make your move. Like Scrabble the objective is to play a word on a grid in crossword-style, and score as many points possible. But SmartFeud gives you an extra possibility: you can take a letter from the board and re-use it to your own advantage. This makes it a much more strategic game.

Further more you can play SmartFeud with multiple opponents, and you can play in English, German or Dutch, while the company is working on adding additional languages.

SmartFeud is now available on iOS:

and on Android:

For more information, please contact Kim Winkelaar on [email protected]

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Tips and tricks

SmartFeud is the new Scrabble. More fun, better and more exciting. We give you some game tips to get the highest scores.

Try to pick and use a letter from the board every round.

Try to grab a letter from the middle of a word. For example the ‘E’ from the word NOTEWORTHY. ‘NOT’ and ‘WORTHY’ remain, and these are just two new words that count for your score.

An ‘S’ can be taken away from many words. Runners, thinkers, and so on. That is a fast way of scoring.

You can replace a letter with the same letter from your rack. Especially if you take a letter from a long word, and if it was placed on a double or triple word value, it can go real fast.

It is useful to learn a lot of words with a Q and K by heart.

Before you start puzzling, try first to find out which letters you can potentially take, and also look at the letter value.

Blanks can come in very usefull. Use them wisely!

The starting player always gets a free blank. Use it!

Using all your seven letters plus one that you took from the board gives you 50 point bonus. If you do not take a letter, but manage to use your own seven letters, you still get a 30 points bonus. That’s nice.

Always pay attention to the premium squares. Especially when you play with the game board in ‘random’, they make the difference.

Not all words need to be attachted to oneanother. It may happen that there is a loose word somewhere on the board. Use this.

Also look at what letter your opponent has taken away. Maybe you can put that letter back, and have a quick score!

There is plenty of options to use the SmartFeud features. It’s easy to understand, but hard to master. Enjoy!

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First test-version available

We’re almost there. And if your device runs on Android you can now download the free test-version in Google’s Play Store. Apple-users need to have a little more patience.

If you want tot try this version just click here:

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A little extra waiting

When you try to build the best word game ever everything should be done according to the highest standards. And that takes time. Too bad we need even more time then expected. But better wait some extra days to deliver a perfect product then releasing a product with bugs.

Our goal was to release SmartFeud on December 15. Too bad, we didn’t make it. The game is ready, but there are some bugs that have to be fixed before the final release. We try to get it ready before Christmas. Because there’s no better way to spend time with your family and friends this festive-season while playing a game of SmartFeud.

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SmartFeud: The Story

A few years ago something strange happened. Suddenly everybody was playing a scrabble-like game on their phones. Quite a simple app, Wordfeud, made people play the good old word game. It became so massively popular that it became the most downloaded app in Europe. Continue reading →

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FAQ-section updated

The FAQ-section has just been updated. Of course you can not download the game, that will take a few more weeks, but we’re sure you’ll love it!

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The designs are ready, let the gamebuilding begin!

We are working hard to get the fun of SmartFeud to your mobile device before Christmas. And we will manage it. All designs have been finalized, here’s some eyecandy!

Be prepared, SmartFeud will be there!

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Soon: SmartFeud will be here

A few years ago something strange happened. Suddenly everybody was playing a scrabble-like game on their phones. Quite a simple app, Wordfeud, made people play the good old word game. It became so massively popular that it became the most downloaded app in Europe.

People made friends trough the app, old friends met again playing an oldfashioned game, everybody loved it. And let’s face it: there is no better way of keeping in contact with your friends and relatives then playing a game. Play a word now and then, send a message, keep in contact. Continue reading →

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